Some things that aren’t meaningless

Tonight was Book Group. A random meeting of people connected to one of my good friends, sitting around eating lush food, drinking wine and talking about a book. The best of times, no random small talk to fill the silences, just musings on a book that may or may not have changed our thinking, but there is still much to discuss. Tonight was ‘The Time travelers Wife’, a wrenching book and a fascinating concept. I think the best thing about book group is that when you discuss things with other people you discover new things, thoughts you never thought you had and new ways of looking at things. Brains interconnect and things are learnt. I love conversation of this kind. Happy sigh.

Happy sighs as well because, once more, intrepid blog readers, I am off to the Lakes. By now you may be bored of ramblings about the Lakes, but I don’t care. The Lakes are the best place. Look:

See. Ha. Beautiful. And I know the Maker. (ahem, that wasn’t meant too smugly…). More importantly he knows me and his patience never runs out. A fact that still staggers me. Wow.

So more photos of pretty mountains to follow, I’m off to have ‘How great thou art’ spinning around in my head for the next week as I gaze in awe at rocks and hills and grass and lakes and skies until I pop with excitement. Beauty that makes me cry is always the best kind. Now to bed, and to quote the Lightening Seeds, “feeling sleepy, full of wine, fall in bed just in time, a perfect day, a perfect night”. Mmmm.

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3 Responses to Some things that aren’t meaningless

  1. Jonny:) says:

    definatley not what you know but who you know!am i ever going to get a postcard???

  2. Katherine says:

    I loved the Time traveller’s Wife ..

  3. Timmy C says:

    Am dead jealous Kath! Methinks the lakes must be missing me by now, it’s been an age since I last walked their paths and camped out up there!Give them my best & hope you have a grrrrreat one!

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