Old friends

Yesterday I sat with two of the people who know me best in this world. Anna, Sarah and I have been friends for the last 7 years, ever since we went through that well known ‘bonding in times of suffering’ year called Relay. It was a good and hard year, but the years since have been better and worse. Yesterday was another day of talking about the very different situations we live in, of talking about the dark moments, the times when life feels like it is lived through a veil of tears. We also talked about the majority of moments which make up the simple plodding through life that we all have to do, regardless and in spite of the circumstances around us. Putting into words the safety and freedom of praying with people who understand you, can encourage or rebuke you with a look and love you is hard.

I love them both and love the difference in our lives, Sarah is married to the lovely James, lives in SW19 and works for the pension commission doing very important things that I don’t understand. Anna lives in Witham and works as a Journalist, fulfilling her ambition but working through the times when the reality of that is hard and gritty. Both living out the reality of the mess and wonder of this relationship with the maker of the universe in their worlds.

We’ve said it before but it’s unique to meet up with people who are in different worlds, we are constantly challenged not to be envious of each others situations because we see the same mixture of hardship and wonder in each others lives. It’s comforting to know that the grass that seemed so green is in fact the same mixture of brown, green, lush and dried as on our side of the fence. And it’s incredible the difference that closing your eyes and talking to someone you can’t see about each other makes. Praying with them is never about impressing with words or on the basis of a job, or political. It’s simply about three people who’ve committed to walking through this life together talking to their Dad about their lives. I have no status, no job, no image to convey when I am with them. It’s just me, Anna, Sarah and the one who loves us most.

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1 Response to Old friends

  1. Sarah says:

    Kath – it has been a total privilege watching you grow and change over the last 7 years. Thank you for being ace at being around in some messy times – and for helping me discover some very good cakes!Anna – if you ever read the blog – It is a real encouragement watching you grow into living your ambition.

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