And off again…

Seemingly I have spent most of January packing or unpacking bags. Tomorrow morning I have to pack my bags once again and head off to our second Relay training conference of the year. I’m excited and scared.

I have to do part of a seminar on intimacy, sexuality and friendship. I have to talk about worth, about how to believe God’s view of this world. I have to talk about intimacy and where and when it’s a good thing and where and when we might take it too far. I’m scared of saying the wrong thing. Of making the issues too simple or too complex. I’m scared of putting my issues out there and realising that this is a mere cathartic exercise for me and of no use to anyone. I’m scared that my 5 loaves and two fishes won’t be enough.

But I’m excited, to meet up with old friends, to play games of ‘dutch blitz’ and ‘5 songs with the word……in them’, of seeing what God is doing in the lives of these Relay Workers, to hang out and sing songs of hope in this world of darkness, to be part of team for a week, to laugh, cry and share lives with people again.

Hmm I think it might be a good thing that there is someone else in this picture, someone who is good at taking loaves and fishes and multiplying them, someone who is good at working through the weak and foolish, someone who knows the depths of my heart and who loves me the same, someone who welcomes me home and someone who has this world figured out. Trusting Him might just be the thing to do.

6 days in Ledbury await me. I guess it might be good to find out where Ledbury is.

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2 Responses to And off again…

  1. Andy says:

    Hey – I’m sure Relay 2 went well! And just for clarity: wasn’t paragraph 2 of your latest blog catharsis enough? You don’t get much more out there than a blog?;o)and YES it’s great that Jesus did that thing with bread and fish – but that was just for starters: I don’t mean he made desert – but that NOW we have resurrection power at work in us which is better than multiplication miracles! Don’t believe me – check out Eph 1 and 2 then… go on… I dare you

  2. Kath says:

    Good Point. Resurrection power is still at work today… And in Ledbury…. Now that is amazing.. and it was, and the God who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine was again up to his usual tricks…

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