New Cds

On Saturday I indulged myself in one of my favourite activities. Cd shopping. I bought some good ones. Two of those are completely different but brilliant in their own ways. If you want happy cheery smily music, and yes, once in a while that is allowed. Buy the Go Team’s new album “Thunder, Lightening, Strike”, I haven’t listened to music that has made me grin innanely for a while.

The other Cd which has the oppostite effect on me was Patti Smith’s “Horses”. Apparently a classic, this was my first introduction. I listened to it in my car this morning on the way to work. It scared me. Music hasn’t scared me for a long time. She scared me. And made me go ooooooooo and feel indescribable things. She had a effect on me. Any album which starts with the line, “Jesus died for sins, but not for mine” has got to be worth listening to.

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