Everybody needs good neighbours.
Just a little understanding can make the perfect day.

Well it is the 20th Anniversary this week, which is of some note. I’m not sure whether to be delighted at the episode today or whether to check myself into a rehab clinic. The levels my addiction has got to recently are quite concerning. There is no rational defence for the joy induced by today’s episode. It just made me happy, so there you go. Fear not, I will not become a neighbours evangelist and will try and accept others from different persuasions. If you are nice to me.

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3 Responses to Neighbours….

  1. Lou says:

    Ahh did you see the ‘behind the scenes’ thing after lunchtime neighbours – was sucked in even tho i had soo much to do (i think my housemate thinks i have a serious problem – personally i think she has as she can’t appreciate the beauty of neighbours!) even billy was there!! its all tooo happy!

  2. FloydTheBarber says:

    You’re not alone their my friend, i loved seeing all the old chrecters again. It also makes me LOL the way all the returning charecters that have come back have just been grafted onto the story without any real explantion (Phill, Doug, Lance). It was top stuff.

  3. Sarah Brown says:

    Oh my, Kath, I totally agree. My feelings after the whole neighbours hour was that of undescriable joy and nice mushy warm feelings that took me back to neighbours of yester year!

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