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Holy Week

It’s Holy Week, lent is almost over and with Palm Sunday yesterday and Good Friday in a few days time we have this week between. A time where we sit and remember the events of over 2000 years ago, the … Continue reading

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Go find yourself a tree…

In these times Go out. Find a tree Sit on a branch And let it tell you it’s story Feel the gentle sway Above you Talk to the birds also finding refuge. Notice the new life Slowly emerging from The … Continue reading

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Life in lockdown: Week 2.

I forget what day we are now on. It’s the second week anyway. The second week of trying to navigate this new normal, to process the changes taking places in our society and world. To find new patterns of living … Continue reading

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Processing life in lockdown

It is Day 4 of lockdown. Day 8 since we took the kids off school because of a cough. About 2 -3 weeks since I started looking at the news an unhealthy amount, mainlined sugar again and gave up all … Continue reading

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What I’ve read: The Jan-Feb edition…

March is upon us, the daffodils are out, buds are emerging, lighter mornings and evenings are upon us, all around rumours of Spring abound. In this sensing of a new season it feels fairly fitting to round up the books … Continue reading

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Refreshment in Arizona.

If you’ve chatted to me or husbandface for longer than a few hours about our lives you’ll probably be aware of this American family we have. I can’t quite believe they’ve never had official blog post recognition before but better … Continue reading

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Trying to use my anger in a positive way…

I find myself incredibly angry this morning, I’ve spent the last 24 hours mulling an article I’ve read. It outlines another depressing tale of a man abusing his power in a church context. My anger is intensified because it’s a … Continue reading

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