The One Church Brighton Psalm

Yesterday I talked on Psalm 146 and the idea of praise, the season of summer and how we can count leaves to bring us into places of praise and delicious wonder. (I borrowed a lot from the work of Mary Oliver as ever). At the end we wrote a Psalm together. A Psalm full of the stuff we are loving about God right now, the stuff that has made it through deconstruction, the stuff that we might be a little bit sure of some of the time. The stuff that keeps us part of this whole belonging to the Maker of the world thing.

Here it is in all it’s wonder. There might be lines in this that we feel less convinced of lots of the time but the thing I love about this Psalm is that it’s made up from us as a church community, we own this reality together, we believe for others when they can’t, we hope for others when they have lost all hope, we joyfully dance in the summer sun because these things hold us to this earth.


Praise God!

Come, hear the goodness of God deep in your being. 

Hear the wonder of this world, made for our joy, deep in your body, 

God, Jesus, Spirit. 

beloved, source, maker, divine love that runs through our body mind and soul,

We love that you know where we are at the moment, 

We are reassured that you are with us. 

We thank you for your faithfulness from one generation to the next, 

God, we are in awe of how you help us feel whole in a society full of holes, 

how you are a firm foundation giving us steadfast, wide, deep vast love.

We thank you for the details of life, for cornflowers on the windowsill, for joyful people, 

Thank you for sunrise, that each day can bring new hope and a new adventure

Thank you for family, for being able to be back in the building together, 

We love how you are still there and still listening to all our questions. 

We love that there is so much more to you than we will ever be able to know or articulate, 

and that it is all love. 

Thank you for your kindness through the seasons of our lives

Thank you for being totally dependable, for being utterly and absolutely good, 

thank you that your heart is to do us good, 

in a world that seems to want to harm us we are so grateful for your overwhelming goodness. 

God, there is so much to thank you for:

Thank you for being able to find you through language, through the Bible.

Thank you for listening so closely, for your groundedness and the peace you give 

We love that you provide other people to hold us and be with us, 

We love walking through the rhythm of life with you 

Thank you for the creatures beneath our feet in the soil, on the leaves, the trees, bugs, birds, bees and the cycle of life, and the systems of nature

Thank you for the abundance of beauty all around, for fluffy animals, for the joyous chorus of the birds as they sing their song of praise.

We praise you for the sea, both it’s vast majesty and the gentle waves on our feet

We love that you see every part of us and still say, “you are enough”, even when we don’t feel it. 

Thank you for peace, joyful peace, calm but full of bright energy. It feels like home. 

Thank you for the people who know and love us, 

Thank you that you are a vast ocean of never ending care

We thank you God that you are gentle with us, and that you are constant in your love towards us.

We love that you are so much bigger than everything 

and yet still intimately interested in who we are. 

We love that you have created us as unique individuals 

with different interests, experiences, gifts and talents. 

God of abundance, of care, of love, 

God of beauty overwhelming and wonders

God of closeness and hope 

We love you

We are grateful 

We sing out our praise of You. 

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