Resurrection Eggs

A friend asked about our Resurrection Eggs on Instagram so here’s the file where I’ve put together what we do. We nicked the idea from countless others but the basic idea is we have some eggs into which go a picture, a bible passage, a reference to the story in the Jesus Story Book Bible and an activity to do. We then read out one each day which tells a different aspect of the Easter story. Generally I’m ok with the aspects we’ve used but today I realised I should have put in the woman anointing Jesus so I think I’ll put that in next year.

We bluetac the pictures and verses up in the house so that we can see them build up over the week before Easter. For full disclosure we don’t have an idylic thoughtful meaningful time as we read these out each morning. Mainly there are fights over who gets to open the egg, who gets to read, who gets to put the pictures up. The boys wander around and insert the word poo regularly into otherwise normal sentences and generally someone cries (just telling it like it is round here…).


Each day I look up and am reminded of this story that wraps around us. Each day I am reminded of what our God is like, the God who came to be with us, who washes our feet, whom we expect much of and get disappointed by when our immediate issues are not sorted out by the king who comes on a donkey, the God who entered death and suffered horribly, the God who knows what it’s like to face the darkest loneliest night when your friends fall asleep and all is dark, the God who tore the curtain of separation and welcomes us into a life of love as beloved, the God who knows tears and scars and who in deepest mystery set us all free to live this life in a kingdom that values the brokenhearted, which says love is the bedrock of reality and the God who offers deep inexplicable hope of the day creation itself can stop groaning and a new world will form with no more crying, mourning, pain or death. (what do you mean paragraphs need full stops…)

As much as I don’t understand much of this story and how it works, I cannot escape it. I do not want to forget it and I love the ways it holds me to this world. I don’t know how my boys will react to this story over the years, I am not in control of that, but I do know I want it to be the air they breathe whilst they are with us. I would love this never stopping, never failing, never giving up love to be their core, their bedrock, their security and safe place in this life and so we remember, we live in the midst of this story of love, bound in it, bringing our reality to it and being changed by it.

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