Advent 22

As we approach the strange wonder of Christmas Day I am reminded again and again that the wonder is always found in the deeper magic, the story that goes back to the dawn which tells of the dawn to come. I am reminded that whatever our world looks like we have light that shines on, we have hope and hope of better to come. This is no vain hope but a real lasting one. Jesus has come into the world, Jesus will come again, we live now in the in-between wonder of Jesus walking with us in this troubled beautiful world. And so I hold onto hope.

There was also much wonder today in being let out of isolation, we went up to the woods at the top of our road and pottered about in the fresh air. I took son2 to the park this afternoon and delighted in seeing him happy running around. Lovely to see that December misty gloom, damp green bark and empty trees against the grey sky. Something in me loves these short days as the year turns and we journey towards the dawn. Like Lucy yesterday I feel a bit better, the darkness hasn’t gone but I feel a little changed because of the One who also inhabits these days.

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