Advent 20

Today the wonder came through our two Christmas services, despite the strangeness of not being physically present at either of them it was beautiful to have such a light relief joy fest in the morning. Tonight it was odd but wonder filled to sit in our candle lit living room and sing carols loudly and hear of the light that burns on in the darkness and will not be put out. I don’t know what Christmas ‘should’ feel like this year, it’s the weirdest one I’ve had in a long time, but I do know that these truths we remember at this point in the year are the stuff which will carry us through. The light is still shinning, we are loved, known and held by the God who stepped into the world to be with us. I do not understand how this God works most of the time but I think I possibly do understand that this God is showing up amongst us, helping us walk alongside each other, giving us a bigger picture and a bigger love, offering a deeper and better hope. Amidst the weirdness around us I want to swim in the wonder of that.

Also, we only have one more day to go until we can leave the house, I have taken to doing laps of our front and back garden like a caged lion, I’ll be grateful for that moment we can walk around our streets in the dark and see the lights burning hope into the bleak. I’ll be grateful to be able to pop to the shops, or meet up with a friend for a walk. The wonder is deep in the details this year eh.

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