Advent 14

It’s kind of felt like we have lived about 5 days today. Lockdown without being able to go for walks is not all that fun. Still. There was wonder to be found in all the lovely friends we have asking if they can help, bringing food to our doorstep, bringing magazines for the boys and offering help and love from afar. We feel loved.

We also made snowflakes (harder than I remember from school), had crackers with lunch to make up for the boys missing their school Christmas lunch this week, saw some blue sky, played in the garden, managed an hours quiet time and watched Toy Story 4.

We also saw the changes on a bush in our garden, stripped of its leaves all that is left is buds for the spring. I love that these are there now, just waiting, like we all are, for the light of spring.

Best of all was reading this delicious poem from my poem a day in advent book.

Autumn by David Baird

Was certainly not winter, scholars say,

When holy habitation broke the chill

Of hearth-felt separation, icy still,

The love of life in man that Christmas day.

Was autumn, rather, if seasons speak true;

When green retreats from sight’s still ling’ring gaze,

And creeping cold numbs sense in sundry ways,

While settling silence speaks of solitude.

Hope happens when conditions are as these;

Comes finally lock-armed with death and sin,

When deep’ning dark demands its full display.

Then fallen nature driven to her knees

Flames russet, auburn, orange fierce from within,

And bush burns brighter for the growing grey.

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