Advent 5

Wonder hunting on a weary day of pain. It was found in the blue sky glimpsed through parting clouds, in the joys of a Christmas garden centre trip with the youngest, the stack of books exchanged for more books at our local library, the sweetness of reading Sarah Bessey’s book – ‘Miracles and Other Reasonable Things’.

I love her writing so much, I love that our personalities are pretty similar, I love that she is full on in love with Jesus through all the different stages of deconstruction and reorientation of her faith. I love that she blazes a trail that looks hopeful and familiar for me to follow. I love that she talks about her facing up to stopping, to listening to her body, to embracing wise self care and the deep tender mothering of our God. I love her passion and found myself in tears at many points of reading this book at the ways God meets us and surprises us and embraces us on this journey. It did my soul good to read her warm and encouraging words.

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