Advent 3

The line of hope on the horizon after a continuous day of rain.

I think this picture encapsulates the distant search for wonder at times, the ways in which wonder can be elusive, far away on the horizon, and yet the very distance of it brings it somehow closer and in a deeper focus.

And so today the wonder was found in a couple of socially distant chats whilst delivering Advent books, the buzz of actual in person reality of each other. The wonder was found in more Rend Collective Christmas joy, their second Christmas album reflecting the odd year we have had. Sure, most of their songs are about not being lost in the dark anyway but it’s good to have a whole chunk more of that to sing out loud.

“In the dark we’re not lost
When it’s hard we’re not lost
Don’t lose heart
We’re never truly lost”

“So sister and brother
Be kind to each other
We’ve all had a journey
Our own path to wander
The light will come
Just know you’re not alone

I know Emmanuel, you’re one of us
You left your throne to wear our scars
Though Christmas lights may lose their spark
And winter’s cold may break our hearts
Oh Christmas means, Emmanuel you’re one of us”

Good stuff. Other wonder found in the care given to the youngest in a struggling week at school, in husbandface picking up the guitar again, in Aslan not being a tame lion but a deeply Good Lion, in a glass of good red wine and in pictures of babies tucked inside wombs safe and sound.

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