Advent 1

The Advent Jigsaw Puzzle Calendar is back, sewn when son1 was a baby I love that it defines so clearly this section of our lives.

Day one of the search for wonder in this spacious land before Christmas comes.

Found in the return of our Advent Calendar to our walls. I love the piecing together of the jigsaw each year, the glint in son1’s eyes as he very graciously offers his brother first go, knowing he’ll get to do the last day. I love it’s simplicity and the reminders it brings each year of just how far we’ve come on this parenting journey.

Found in the hope of a diagnosis for the stomach pains I’ve been having on and off this week. It might be gallstones, if so it can be treated. I feel glad of that simple story here is something wrong, here is a solution. Stories are so helpful in managing pain and our bodies. The story of a body which needs to rest is helping me lean into books and our sofa.

Also found in reading this opening line at bedtime tonight: “Once there were four children and their names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy”. Son2 brought me the Narnia collection to re-read at the weekend and as I used to spend many an Advent reading through them I am delighted that this tradition is carrying on without any urgings from me. We flew through the Magicians Nephew in 3 days so I think we’ll probably be through them at by Christmas.

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