What happens when our ideas of God become our god?

Welcome to a meandering conversation between me and my Maker from one of my recent daily walks.

I started with a question:

What happens when our ideas of you become their own god?

And an observation:

We seem to want a system. A neat ordered space full of our rights and wrongs. Full of insiders and outsiders. We do not want complex wonder. We do not want mystery or tension or people showing up being good and kind when they hold different views to us.

We want the bits of you we agree with. We all do it. All of us pick and choose and formulate world views around the bits that seem obvious to us. The rest our brain skims over and around.

I guess if we had a god we agreed with on every point they might well be an idol we made.

Then a remembrance of a verse from Hosea 14:

“We will never again say ‘Our gods’ to what our own hands have made, for in you the fatherless find compassion.”

The challenge:

No longer, says the one who formed the winds. No longer say ‘my god’ to what your hands have made, your prestige, your power, your systems, your ways. No more. No more.

The imagined response:

Sail out into the big wide sea. See me. From all angles. Find the treasure that sparkles for you. Find the rough jagged edges which smart and confuse. Go out into the sea and swim around in me. Find enough to give you hope. To lead you in love. To be your anchor in the dark nights, and then:

Don’t be afraid of the complex, the contractions, the not knowing, the misty murk.

Don’t be afraid of the dark my love.

Sail on.
Do the best with what you’ve got.
I have given you enough to be loved and to love.

If you must make up systems
Don’t be blind to love, mercy, justice and grace.
Don’t be blind to anger and rage and holy nights.
Don’t be blind to the bits you leave to one side.

Sail on.
Do the best with what you’ve got.
I have given you enough to love and be loved.

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