The…12 weekly roundup? Or the post I always seem to write when I return to writing again…


From one of our beautiful camping trips last week #vanlife…

I’m baby sitting at a friends tonight and happened to glance over my dusty old blog and realised it’s about 3 months since I last posted about life around here. I’ve posted about books and our outdoor 30dayswild adventures but have avoided any kind of dear diary type posts. I think life got to be the same thing week in and week out, we slogged away.  I got exhausted and like most people the waves of tiredness kept on coming and knocking me sideways each week. Husbandface’s health has wonderfully been improving steadily, but that then led to my body finally being able to give up for a bit. And, as you know, it turns out it’s fairly tiring living in an uncertain, pandemic laden, world.

Early July I disappeared to my parents on my own for a couple of nights total rest from everything. It helped enormously. Then around mid July I took about 3 weeks off work and a couple of weeks away from zoom and social media. We camped in various locations, we hung out with family and friends, we did some day trips out from home and we lived our fairly simple lockdown routine lots of the time. I’ve read a load of books and been outdoors lots. It has helped. I even occasionally feel refreshed in this post holiday world. I think I’m back to regular life with small children in the summer holidays tiredness. Even so it doesn’t feel as bad as last year because we are used to being around each other all the time.  We’ve figured out this world and our routine works for the most part (except on stupid heatwave days which are as bad as stupid rain all day days).

Looking forward there are three weeks until school supposedly starts, I have no idea if I am looking forward to this upheaval in our lives. I’m vastly looking forward to getting two days off again a week (well 6 hours off in each of those days), getting out for longer walks and having some margins in the week. I’m looking forward to me and husbandface getting our Fridays back together and I’m looking forward to being able to be a bit more intentional in my work and less in survival mode in my thinking.

I’m not so looking forward to helping the boys navigate their HUGE emotions about the return, the difficulties they have in transitioning from one routine to another from week to weekend or the game of guess what went wrong at school today to cause you to blow up quite so spectacularly.

I am going to look out for whether the spark in their eyes remains through the return to school. If it fades too fast or disappears again we are going to have to seriously rethink our lives and I’m not quite ready for that yet. I have loved seeing son1’s eyes grow wide and joyful at so many things in these last 5 months of hanging out with him. I have loved seeing son2’s wonderful imagination and vocabulary explode this year. To be honest though, I’m ready for a break from their insanities. I so want to see them continue to flourish in their lives at school. I think it’s possible and I am praying that they would settle back well and enjoy hanging out with friends again.

They are in the same mixed emotion bag that I’m in and it’s going to take all of my restraint to not talk about school much in these last few weeks but to lean into enjoying their unique crazy natures before we head to our separate places in the week once more. All this assumes they will be back for a while, who knows whether we’ll be on lockdown once more once winter comes, a couple of weeks off before that happens would be nice.

So there we are, I have officially started writing again it seems. More book review posts, love of nature and the outdoors posts and maybe even some reflective faith posts to come at some point.

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