Advent 23

I’m not ever going to stop banging on about this whole light in the darkness thing. Not even after Christmas when we put the nativity characters away for another year. The light is still needed. We can’t ever put that one back in the loft.

Right now.

It’s winter.

The darkness is dark.

I sit on my bed in the early morning wondering why it still looks like night outside. I stare deep into the darkness and offer God my friends who are walking through such pain and dark. I offer the broken lives, the worry, the fear. I offer our grief, our sorrow, our anxiety about the future. I bring these to the Light which determinedly shines despite the darkness all around.

I wait for the vague light of a gloomy morning to signify day has begun. I wait and I long for the blaze of the final morning. The one when the sad things become untrue, the one when Jesus comes back, the term is over and the holidays begin. The one where the darkness is finally banished forever and our tears get wiped away.

Until then we hold onto the Light in darkness. We are held by the Light in darkness and we offer up our friends and family to the Light in the darkness.

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