Advent 8

Another day. A fresh start.

Christmas craft with the boys.

Running with no fear of what I would return to when I got home. (I’m beginning to believe in this period of better health for husbandface.) Big grin on my face.

Enjoying sun again and the gentle rhythm Christmas music caused on my feet.

Brunch with old friends. Lovely to hang out and share life again. Reassuring and refreshing.

Speedy Christmas fair visit.

Christmas open house and then the putting up of the Christmas tree. Mince pies, clementines and many mugs of hot tea.

I might need to shout ‘It’s Christmas!’ very loudly soon.

Sitting in calm at the end of the day. Grateful. At peace. Enjoying some still waters.

Glad of these lines. ‘Blessed are they whose help is in the Lord’. Endless love, compassion, care, faithfulness and a lifting up of those who are bowed down. Today that gentle tender touch feels so near. I am glad.

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