Advent 2

The wonder came this morning in the midst of a quiet Sunday before church, husbandface preparing lunch, the boys contentedly pottering around.

It came in the 3 baptisms of people declaring loud that they felt accepted, known, loved and deeply committed to following Jesus.

It came in the tears of seeing rising to new life.

It came in good food eaten with others.

It came in curling up for a brief nap and a small boy cuddling me because ‘mummy needs some love right now’.

It came in a man pushing to the end of the day and enabling me to rest and prepare.

It came in knowing my body and it’s stages of the month and accepting that my tired head is really ok. That I have a steadfast friend whose friendship is never confusing and who is my rock through the murk of my mind. (Jesus in case you were wondering.).

It came in knowing that tender mercy is ours and we have a hope worth waiting for.

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