Happy Birthday Son1

You asked me recently. ‘What are your favourite things about me Mummy?’

Well here goes Mr 6 year old.

Your eyes. The way they light up when you explain things to me, and your hand and body involvement in the joy of working out your latest idea.

Your eyes. When you roll them with me at your younger brother, I know we should probably stop doing that soon but it helps when he’s melting down about something small and very hard to understand.

The constant teddy bear huggles you give me all day long. One day maybe you won’t want to but for now I love your love of snuggles.

Your gorgeous wonderful head that over thinks and over worries about life. Talking you through your fears is helping me soothe my own fearful inner child. I love that I know why you get spikey and weird before new things or big events (doesn’t mean I always love you well in those times, but I do get it my love)

Your love and concern for your brother, friends and me and Daddy. Lots of the time you seem to be on another planet but then you blow me away with your care.

Your patience with small people.

Your delight in facts and ideas.

Your amazing body which somehow has made it from small baby to 6 years old. I’m constantly surprised by how big you are.

Your love of music and ability to memorise song lyrics. I love your eclectic taste and your joy in dancing around like a loon with me and your brother.

Your love of books and other worlds. Your inventions and concepts that you spill out to us.

Your philosophical questions and awareness of the world around you. The other day you asked me what life was all about. It’s a hard one my son but I reckon it’s about exploring this beautiful world our God has made, knowing how loved we are and loving the people around us. You decided it was about singing and music which I think is pretty cool too.

Your absorption of ideas and concepts. Last week out of the blue, you told me the values for our family. They are, according to what you’ve known in these last 6 years, to trust God, help each other and learn things. I think that’s a pretty good summery of life in Team Cunningham.

Lovely boy. You blew our world apart when you were born and I am amazed everyday that we managed to make you. We’ve come along way together and I’m looking forward to many more years of you turning our world upside down. I adore being your Mummy and seeing you figure out life down here. Enjoy your birthday and don’t send us too crazy with your over-anticipation and eventual crash when you realise the new shiny things didn’t live up to their promise. I’m still learning that too lovely one.

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