It’s blogging month… (There you go, I just invented a festival…)


I’ve decided it’s blogging month, in my head anyway.


Well, I love writing, exploring ideas and processing my thoughts. I love this space to do that and experience connection with others as I do that. I love the space to try and write properly.

So I shall aim to post here once a day for a month. Because sometimes my soul just needs a kick in the right direction. It might be my random thoughts, pictures of the day or quotes I love. I miss this space as an outlet of my creativity and although Instagram is probably the new space to do these kind of things on, I like the opt in nature of blogs, if you want to read this you had to actually click on something, it didn’t just appear on your screen because one day you followed me and now can’t remember why or where the unfollow button is.

I’ve been pondering my relationship with social media and my phone (in that slightly boring 21st Century way that I think we should all do once or twice a year). I’m not sure what conclusions I’m coming to other than I want to relate to the world less through my phone. I’m aware that’s hard because my phone is my banking, my navigational source, my music player, my source of weather, a space to vaguely be aware of the news in the world, my source of information in general and of course, my source of connection with people beyond my immediate physical surroundings.

I don’t want to get rid of it, it’s a valuable tool and an excellent conduit for connection and friendship in this world.

I do want to stop stroking it so much.

I’ve noticed for a while now that I am scrolling for no reason, flipping from app to app in a vague meaningless search for something to fill my mind. Honestly, it’s a bit odd how much I’ve got into scrolling for no reason, convincing myself that the little red like button or the new notification is a replacement for connection or meaningful one on one communication.

I love the things my phone can do, I’ve just been thinking of how I can approach my phone differently. I want to hold off my immediate, yes I shall post that thing I’m doing right now, instinct. I want to embrace the moment as it is happening a little more and share when the day has settled. I’ve noticed I often post and then spend the next hour wondering who has looked at it, liked it and miss out on life in front of me. If I have (what I think are) interesting comments to make I’m trying to text them to actual people rather than just put them out there. I think the simple aim is to not spend my life staring at a screen for no reason. I’m reassessing my relationship with this tiny computer I carry around with me.

I know we all have a vast array of different approaches to our phones, I know some who only have a landline, some who have a very basic text and call phone, some who seem able not to stare at their smartphone all the time but still use it for life and some who seem fairly attached to it on all occasions.  We all have different limits of what is helpful for us at different stages and seasons of our lives.

For me in October 2018, I’ve been consciously trying to not look at my phone so much in the last few days and I’ve read more, prayed more and felt more present in the world than I have for a long time.  I want to write more, the irony being that to blog well I need to get off my phone more. To be creative I need to step away from the screen a bit more and stop numbing my head with random scrolling.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are off it for the time being and this time it feels different from the times I’ve tried cold turkey before. I think because I’m not actually going cold turkey completely. I’ll still be hanging around those places but I want to use these tools well, I love blogging and writing and I know others find it helpful to share in my meandering thoughts. And so I continue because of the advantages of this social media thing. We’ll see how it goes.

Over to you, do you have times away from the phone if you have one? Do you notice any improvement/changes in life when you do? What are the brilliant things about having a tiny computer you can carry around with you? What are the weird things?



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