Attempting to process 2017: The one with the songs.

Every year I compile a CD of songs that have got me through the previous 12 months. I then send it to my lovelies, Anna and Sarah and occasionally a few others if I think they might be interested. This year I have spectacularly failed to burn the playlist onto a disc but I may yet manage it before the year is out.

What follows is the playlist. A fairly random collection of songs that have meant something to us this year, kept us going on dark dark mornings, made us laugh as we’ve driven on the road or have been demanded vigorously from the back seat by the smaller members of our team. Some of these songs are amazing. Some are, well, who knows. Make of it what you will and come along for the story of our year in song.

First up is, and I hang my head in shame at this point:

The Sign by Ace of Base.

Er. This year we went on a grand tour of the UK in a camper van. You can read about bits of it over on our much neglected adventure blog. It was an incredibly fun way to spend a month in the summer and the high point of our year. I desperately wanted our start off song each time we drove away to be something cool like ‘On the Road again’, or ‘Born to be wild’ or really anything but this. However we shot ourselves in the foot when we kept singing I saw the sign, everytime we, er, saw a sign. Then we played the song to prove to son1 that it really was a song that actually existed. Then son2 demanded it everytime we drove anywhere. Ah well. Coolness is overrated.

Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran.

I know, it’s not cool to like Ed Sheeran either. But I love this song. Lots. It’s really fun to drive to, run to and dance around the living room to. I love the 80s U2 vibe and I love the nostalgic lyrics. Son1 also loves a bit of Ed.

Feel it again- Hudson Taylor.

A late entry from the end of our year. I love this cheery joyous stomp of a song with a ‘life is painful but it’s better than being numb all the time’ message. I also loved chatting through the lyrics with son1 as he was a little confused as to why they were singing, “Let it rain, let it pour”, why would we want it to rain? A good introduction to metaphor I think…

One Man Band- Jack Savoretti

I don’t listen to enough new music but every now and again I click on something in apple music that catches my eye. This one from his recent pretty acoustic album stood out immediately.  I’m a sucker for a harmonica and a catchy tune.

Number Two- They Might be Giants.

The number CD from these guys was on almost constant rotation for a couple of months this year. We all love the quirky songs about what the different numbers get up to. Number Two always leaves me feeling slightly mushy about the lovely Husbandface because of cute lyrics like this:

“Two arms to hold ya, two legs for walking
Two ears on your head, so you can hear when I’m talking
Two feet for stomping, two hands for clapping
Two eyes on your face, so you can see when I’m laughing

Two hips for shaking, two lips for kissing
Too long I’ve been blue, because it’s you that I’m missing
Two knees for kneeling, two shoulders for shrugging
Two cheeks to make a little grin while we’re hugging”

God Made Everything- Awesome Cutlery

Awesome Cutlery are a great Christian kids band who make fun songs about God, they also do amusing sketches between songs that the boys love. We’ve loved this CD all year thanks to friends who gave it to us back around Easter time. This one is our favourite, for the rhymes and the crazy attempts to sing along.

Joy of the Lord- Rend Collective. 

This year has been pretty tough, there have been many times I have felt too weak to carry on or have any concept of faith in this world. We’ve sung this one lots at church and it’s always reminded me of how we can keep going, of the reality of God in the dark and that sometimes joy looks like standing on windswept dark cliff tops shouting that even though there is pain all around there is still hope. Rend Collective’s shouty stompy insistence on joy and hope in the crap of life has helped me once more this year.

Nye – Song for the NHS

This has been a year of Martyn Joseph’s album ‘Sanctuary’ being played every weekend morning. I have made pancakes on Saturday and scrambled eggs every Sunday to the same swirling wonderful tunes. It’s an album of sweet hope. This song is on the acoustic version and tells of Nye Bevan and the hope the NHS brings. Worth it alone for the verse:

“And no society can call itself civilised if the sick are denied through lack of means, and if you don’t believe me then take a plane my friend, go break your arm, see what it costs in New Orleans…”

Trusty and True- Damien Rice

This year we have slowly become imbedded into the life of our lovely new church, One Church Brighton. It’s not the perfect church but it has been a sanctuary for us in this stormy year. Each week I have found hope and strength for the next few days and I have loved being reminded of the reality of God in the midst of the dark. This song is one that has been played at several communion services over the year, a song of welcome, of coming as we are, of hope that even though we don’t live up to the call we have received that there are still arms of love awaiting as we eat and drink and remember the only hope we have in this world. (Yeah I’m pretty sure Damien didn’t write the song for such a time but it fits SO well)

Everest- Iain Archer. 

“Some other day when my morning comes, I’ll be the one that’s waited all night”

Yes. Amen. The words that I have shouted in pain, sung in joy, wept through as I’ve driven around Brighton this year.  Words that have held me to all I have known to be true. Words that have soothed my soul in the deepest of places.

You- Gungor. 

Words to express this crazy journey of faith, crisis and faith again. A tumbling journey. Beautiful, evocative and many echoes of my own up and down faith thing.

Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s

“Home, let me go home, home is whenever I’m with you”. This sums up our epic journey of the summer, we took home with us around the country and knew the reality that wherever we are, home is us together. (well that’s one definition anyway…)

Girl Solider- Martyn Joseph. 

A very sweet love song from his Sanctury Album.

Barcelona – Ed Sheeran. 

Makes me and son1 dance. I like it.

Seven Days of the Week- They might be Giants. 

Highly catchy and entertaining.

A long long long time ago- Awesome Cutlery

Pretty cool reminder of the big story we are all part of.

Macavity- Cast of Cats. 

Son2’s choice. Because I played him the song and showed him the video after a lovely friend bought him the book. He knows all the words now and loves dancing around to it.

Duet- Penny and Sparrow. 

For the amazing husbandface- “I’ve seen you, and I know you and I’m not going anywhere”.

For all that you have done- Rend Collective. 

This feels like a very appropriate way to end the year:

“Your grace will never be forgot
Your mercy all my life
Will be my source forever song
My story and my light

From mountain top to valley low
Through laughter and through tears
Surely the goodness of my God
Will follow all the years

For all that You have done for us
For every battle won
We’ll raise a song to bless Your heart
For all that you have done

You know our failures and regrets
You always led us home
Redemption’s arm has raised us up
Our triumph in the storm

For all that You have done for us
For every battle won
We’ll raise a song to bless Your heart
For all that you have done”

Amen. Another year of God’s insane unfailing love holding onto us. Tight in the storms of life. We are grateful and looking with hope to the great unknown of the year in front of us.

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