Advent 8


Today the wonder seemed almost obvious.

The face of my favourite and best grinning at me this morning, laughing away my tired aching grumps from a night of being kicked in the back by the smallest. The face I married 8 years ago. The wide grin, missing for much of this year, the goofy tone to his voice and brief morning snuggles before the small people found us and wormed their way into our arms.

The morning run in crisp air, frost on the ground, the moon and sun shining out together in the sky. Delighting in clear brightness again after a few days of cloudy dark gloom.

Writing about a new heavens and a new earth. Feeling the ache for more, the delight of one day this world being wrapped up and made new. Glad of the chance to witter on about that on Sunday morning.

Sorting out the house, cleaning, ordering chaos.

Getting the Christmas tree down. Boys delight in putting the decorations on and covering the house with fairy lights.

We are with Paul Simon. Getting ready for Christmas Day, for the power and glory and loving the story of Christmas Day.

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