What I’ve been into May/June edition.

I really dropped the reading mojo in May. It was a pretty horrible month. Husbandface briefly returned to work until being signed off again worse than before. I think I had a long cold that didn’t shift and reading got pushed to the bottom of the pile. We finished the month well but my reading hat didn’t quite make it back on. June was slightly better but I am still struggling to read anything of any weight or depth.

I ploughed on with some fun young adult books and some thriller by numbers to keep me reading at least.

Here’s my somewhat patchy list for the last couple of months.

Boys Don’t Cry- Malorie Blackman.

I really enjoyed Noughts and Crosses last year and so thought I’d give some more of her work a go. I liked this book even though something in me thought I shouldn’t. Who knows why. It’s about a teenage boy suddenly lumbered with his own baby he didn’t know anything about. His interaction with the small one and his growing love of her is what makes the book special. I’m fascinated by how my boys are going to grow up and read this with one eye on that and enjoyed a book about a baby. Cos you know, I’ve had babies. I know some of what that’s like. Anyway. A fairly good read.

Chasing the Stars: Malorie Blackman.

This one was more of a sci-fi love story which was ok. I’ve read better young adult science fiction (still can’t beat Monica Hughes for that) but it was alright. I liked that the love story wasn’t a neat nice happy la la la thing but it wasn’t enough to really make me really love the book. But I read to the end so it can’t have been that bad. (Wow I should really write reviews for the Guardian Review section.)

The Highly Sensitive Child- Elaine N Aron

This is a brilliant book. It seeks to help those with highly sensitive children appreciate them and learn how to parent them well. It’s helped me understand myself, husbandface (we are both fairly highly sensitive ourselves) and how to love and appreciate better the sensitivities of our beautiful boys who are both highly sensitive in their own ways. I wish I possessed more articulation than Tuesday night with a glass of wine in me will allow. BUT please do read this helpful article.  I found this book really helped me stop and think about the ways we maintain the boy’s boundaries and helped me appreciate them for who they are. I love understanding that they are affected by noise and smells, that they will need time to process, time to wait before launching into situations and will be massively emotionally affected by things other kids might take in their stride. It’s been helpful to know my kids aren’t abnormal, just a different kind of normal and helpful in understanding that for my own reaction to things. Obviously I haven’t become a perfect parent as a result of reading this book but it has helped lots. It has helped me be slightly more patient with son2’s meltdown’s over tiny amounts of water splashed on him or son1’s grim reactions after noisy days at nursery. Definitely worth a read if you are at all aware that your child or you might fall into the 20% of the population who are highly sensitive.

Walking Home – Clare Balding

I had to put this book down several times to stop myself seething with envy that she got to walk in all these amazing places whilst my smallest weirdo moaned about walking down the road. I SO want to do what she has done and walk all the amazing footpaths and chat to interesting people along the way. I loved this rambling ramble about rambling. Loved it.

Commonwealth- Ann Patchett.

Urgh. I wanted so much to like this one as I have all the others I have read but I barely finished it. It was only the insane completer finisher inside me that made me keep reading. It’s ok. It’s just not as amazing as some of her others. Sorry Ann.

Into the Water- Paula Hawkins

I know, I swore off the thriller crime by numbers thing last time around, but… It was surprisingly good. Better than the Girl on the Train, which I read too close to Gone Girl last year to be all that ok with another, ‘here’s another hideous marriage that is hiding awful things you will only know the truth about at the end of the book’ genre… Into the water is a bit different and fairly gripping.

I See You- Clare MacKintosh.

Meh. It kept me reading but it wasn’t as well written as the Paula Hawkins one and was kind of annoying in the keep you guessing to the end thing, plus random sub plots for no reason. A quick read though. That’s good right?

When the Floods Came- Clare Morrall

A really good dystopian read. Interesting view of the future and very interesting with lots of themes of who can we really trust and how do we know we can trust them. I liked it lots.

So there you go. Not much of merit there but a few good reads along the way.  All but one of these were books from our local library.  I think I need to scour our shelves again for books I want to read but haven’t got around to just yet.  I’m also hoping our motorhome adventures, coming up in 21 days time, will give me time to read more and space to read deeper rather than mere quantity.

What have you been reading this month?

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  1. Tanya Marlow says:

    Oo, I like your book reviews! Interesting re Ann Patchett because I love all her stuff. Maybe I should give this one a miss?

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