X marks the spot… A treasure hunting we go…

A couple of years ago I started noticing, in the world of social media, that people were talking about their word for the year. Maybe it was just the different people I was paying attention to or maybe this was some new thing that has started. I still don’t know where it began, neither can I really be bothered to research where it came from (apologies for my laziness). Anyway, it has intrigued me for a while and this new year I pondered what my word for the year would be, were I to participate in such a thing.

Survive sounded a little to bleak even for me. Thankful kind of summed it up but I wanted a more intriguing word. In the services at church over Christmas the reality of Mary treasuring stuff in her heart grabbed me again. Mainly because I had always kind of assumed she treasured what the angel said. I hadn’t really registered that she treasures and ponders things in her heart after the shepherds have been. 

It makes sense, that was when things calmed down and the reality of looking after a baby hit. If there was ever a time for treasuring and pondering this was it. So much had happened, the shepherds confirm and add to what the Angel had said before she conceived Jesus. This was no ordinary child and no ordinary life. But still he’s a child that needs feeding and burping and cuddling. Treasuring up in her heart seems like a good thing to do with all that incredible truth about who he would turn out to be. 

So there it is. My word for the year. Treasure. I long to treasure the reality of God’s work in this world. I long to find the treasure he has in store for me each day. I want to store up treasure for the long days when it’s me and the boys and I need to remember the good in this world, and the One who made that good. 

The boys are obsessed with treasure boxes, which helps my thinking about this. They store away their treasures and enjoy the thrill of boxes of stuff. My amazing husbandface made me a treasure box of my own for Christmas (not knowing these thoughts in my head) in it he wrote cards for the days and moments I would need treasure from him. Treasure seems to be on our minds at the moment. 

The Bible has much to say about treasure and our hearts. I want to explore that more. I want this year to be about exploring the treasure on offer, listening to where my treasure lies, to the pull of my heart. I want to treasure up the moments of joy and wonder in this broken bleak world and be thankful. I want to squirrel away the good things for the nights when it all seems a bit too dark. 
How I do that I don’t know. Whether I blog once a month about treasure to refresh myself I’m not sure. It sounds like it would be good to add treasure to my box as the year goes on, maybe a physical storing up of the moments of God in our life. 

For now, I am enjoying my heart wrapping around the word treasure and seeing where it takes me. I am enjoying the hunt and the various metaphors involved with the idea of treasure. 

I’m sure I will return to this theme sooner or later but for now it is good to draw together my rambling thoughts and place a marker in the sand. This year is the year for treasure. I’m off to find a map. 

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