What’s on your mind? 

  So I’ve been thinking. Facebook keeps asking me what’s on my mind. No longer, how I am or what I am doing, but what’s on my mind. Forgive me if I get a little social media ranty at this point. I like Facebook. I like the connection with friends and family it gives me. I’m not so keen on the lure to say everything on my mind that it invites me to.

I don’t think I should share my random thoughts with many people. Getting married was a revelation to me, I had space to share and say some of the thoughts I had previously never shared with anyone. Unsurprisingly not all these thoughts were fluffy cloud lovely thoughts about everyone we knew. Some were judgemental thoughts that given no air time would have probably drifted away. Given an outlet they showed me more of the inside of my heart and it wasn’t always pretty. What’s on my mind doesn’t deserve an unfiltered air time. It needs thought and care. 
For example. Today all I can think about it how easy it is to look after one child. Let’s say I Facebook that. Immediately I can see the problem – friends who are finding one child unbelievably hard right now aren’t going to be built up by my smug joy at not having to bundle two children everywhere. I know I found one child on my own when that was normality very hard indeed. It’s a relative experience. It requires nuance to understand and explain, which can’t be easily done in a status update. Much better that I text someone in a similar situation and share the joy that way. Or is it just enough to enjoy the thought myself? 

When did we get so obsessed with sharing our every thoughts? 

What’s on my mind? Lots but not all of it is thoughtful, helpful, informative, truly funny, necessary or kind to say. I want to be someone who thinks before I say stuff, who doesn’t just splurge every though from my messy little head. I know we can overthink people’s reactions to our thoughts (I am the queen of that), I know that little people contact in the day makes me want to over share like a crazy but some thought before I post stuff can’t hurt. 

Your correspondent, can’t help but think she made up a whole blogpost just to share the news that having one child for a day instead of two is proving most restful. 

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