A Saturday Rant. 

Tonight I think I’m going to get a little ranty. I have this brother you see, a brother who loves God like I don’t know how, a brother with an amazing wife and children who live out what they believe, who seek to practise what they preach, who actually act on the commands to love and do justice and care for this world. Together they are an awesome team. A team who love hospitality, who love walking alongside the ordinary and pointing them to God, who have a vision to restore and repair and care for those battered in ministry.

My brother is a man who doesn’t come with a flashy package, he isn’t a bouncy extrovert bursting into your world with style. He’s an introvert who can be shy and a slow burner. He is however bursting full of the word, of wisdom, of not wanting to leave theology at an academic level but believing Gods word can transform and be understood by all. He’s a man who can understand and distill and encourage and remind us all to keep going because there is hope in this world. He’s got a PhD in theology but knows how to communicate the big stuff to those of us who don’t know the finer points of Greek and Hebrew. 

I’m ranting because I have no idea why churches aren’t falling over themselves in wanting to encourage, support and use these immense faithful servants of God. They aren’t perfect (who the heck is) but they would be of such benefit anywhere they go. My brother needs a job. He would be awesome on a staff team, encouraging all to walk with God and being someone who could really help all see and delight in God’s word – and oh do we need people like him in the church. As a team he and his wife would bring so much love, calling attention to reality and hospitality to any situation. She has awesome gifts in mentoring, in spiritual direction, in walking with people through this life. 

Are there any church leaders out there with creativity and eyes to see the value of these wonderful people and employ them somehow? I fail to see why anyone wouldn’t. I am angry that no one isn’t, that no one has the vision to invest in and use them. 

Rant over. 

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