The one with the Anniversary

It’s that time of year again. The time when I tell you that we used to look like this:

me and him

And now we look like this:



Anyway. It’s been 6 years since the ‘I Will’s’. 6 years since the commitment to walk through this life together was declared loudly for all to hear. This one, as ever, has been a fairly rollercoasterish year. We moved house, husbandface got a new crazy all encompassing job, the boys grew and developed, we had the best summer holiday since getting married, 6 weeks of beautiful rest and holidaying and enjoying each other much. We, however, end the year in a fairly exhausted heap at the end of a long long term.

I usually spend much of my time trying to overanalyse our marriage, pulling the roots apart to see if we are ‘ok’. Trying to make us perfect and shiny. I forget marriage doesn’t work best like that. It seems to work best when we stop looking at it and start looking at each other or the people around us. We function best when we stop the introspection and start remembering why we love each other and our call to bend that love out to our boys and the world around. Anyway. All this is to say I don’t want to make us perfect. We aren’t. But in the messy imperfection, the miscommunications, the stresses and strains, I love my beautiful amazing husbandface.  I love his commitment to his family, his provision for us, his delight in us, his grace and the safety I feel with him. Sadly that often means he gets the worst of me but it’s the result of deep deep trust and for that I am grateful. You can ask him his opinion on that…

That’s probably enough pontificating. I married a good un, my best friend and, as the song goes, I don’t see what anyone sees in anyone else, but him. When we first got together I described him as a comfortable shoe (I am the last of the great romantics..) but I stand by that, I can be me, fully me, all of me with him, that’s the image the comfortable shoe is trying to convey, the best fit, moulded together and at peace. I love this life we have together and I love that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. So, once more, raise your glasses to the excellent Husbandface.

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