Paying attention 32

In the midst of a day of temperature, calpol and grumpy boys. In the midst of tired grumpy parents. I am still crazily thankful and overwhelmed to be a mother. I am thankful for my Mum and for her Mum. I am glad of all the people I got to mother (why are there negative connotations about that phrase? To mother is to care, nurture, love and defend) when I was single. I am glad our God is full of fierce awesome tender mother love. 

And I’m highly amused that my son chose my Mother’s Day present – apparently the conversation went like this: 

Husbandface: what shall we get mummy for Mother’s Day? 

Son1 (excitedly): a book! 

Husbandface: which book? 

Son1 (thoughtfully): about …Mary Berry! 

And so I have a new Mary Berry cook book 🙂 

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