Old school blogging, this one doesn’t even have a picture…

So, the boys are asleep at the same time and, obviously I have no idea what to do with empty time, so I’ve been re-reading some of my blog. This year marks my 10th year of blogging. Some resurrecting of old posts will happen sometime in the summer but for now I’ve been reminded again of my love of the details. Skimming a few posts from when I started this weird putting some internal thoughts on line thing I’ve been reminded that I love the details of life.

Life is so full on right now, there is so much lack of sleep around that I feel dazed and out of touch with everything that isn’t related to the two small limpets that follow me around everywhere. I’ve become too self pitying and tempted to just fill my whole thought life with ‘woe is me, I’m so tired, I’ve had no sleep, do you realise how hard having children is’ thoughts. But really, there is more to life than the tiny people, and they really do bring much joy in life as well.

So, I’m back to remembering the details (which weirdly I once did for a whole year and then again for 40 days 4 years ago), the good things about days, the small moments, the warmth of sun on skin, the taste of tea first thing in the morning, the smell of baked bread, the sound of my favourite song, the touch of another’s hand in the darkness. I need to look around and pay attention again. I love this world, I love it’s Maker and I long to remember.

And, meh, it’s February so we could all do with a little bit of remembering the finer points of this life in the gloomy wait for spring. I want to attempt to write about more than just the softness of my children’s hands (although they are pretty soft and beautiful) I look back at my old posts and they seemed to contain so much more variety and depth than I feel life has right now (or maybe I just whiffled on and on about the Lake District). I want to remember and embrace all the scope of life, as well as accepting that my vision is very  child focused right now because I have a 2 yr old and 4month old in my face each day.

Anyway, here’s to finding joy in the details once more, I think it’ll be a Lent thing (that gives me a nice ordered length of time) but will start now because who needs to be restricted by these things?

Onwards. Um. I’ll be back here tonight with some finer points of the day to cheer my soul and remember the One who made them.

Your Correspondent, getting all old school about this blogging thing, and even writing this spontaneously on my computer. Woot.

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3 Responses to Old school blogging, this one doesn’t even have a picture…

  1. Adele says:

    I’m loving this old school post. It’s just what I need to read right now as I’m feeling pretty self-pitying at the moment. I could benefit from writing down those details too. Looking forward to reading yours.

  2. Katrina says:

    “or maybe I just whiffled on and on about the Lake District” – haha this made me laugh out loud. Appreciate your honesty, your blog posts and your decisions to be thankful 🙂

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