Songs of 2014

Seeing as I wrote a blog post about this last year I feel that I’ve started an annual tradition. Yes, it’s the blog post about the Christmas CD I make for the lovely Anna, Sarah and the brother. Feel free to request one of your own if you fancy. In the past it’s been a list of new songs I’ve enjoyed throughout the year, last year it turned into a musical journey of songs that reflected our year and this year it’s a bit of a mishmash of the two. There are popular music songs on it (mainly because I haven’t discovered many new songs that aren’t played by Chris Evans on Radio 2 each morning, a limited range I’m sure you’ll agree…) and there are some from the small amount of new music I’ve got my hand on, and yes there is the newly acquired children’s section formed of songs our son loves and a particular favorite he insists on to get him back to sleep if he wakes up.

So here we go:

1.Ding Dong Merrily on High- The Rend Collective.

This is the best, most joyous Christmas album I’ve come across for a long long time. Best of all son1 loves it and asks for it most days. (such an improvement from the wheels on the stupid bus CD he also loves)

2.Out Among The Stars- Johnny Cash

You can’t fault a lyric like this:

Oh how many travellers get weary
Bearing both their burdens and their scars
Don’t you think they’d love to start all over
And fly like eagles out among the stars

Sounds about right for life now.

3. Happy- Pharrell Williams

Well it was played all the time on every radio station and it’s nicely unusual for me to enjoy such a, well, happy song..

4.All about that Bass- Meghan Trainor

Look, I enjoy a funky song as much as the next person. This was a favourite kickstart to the day song for many a bleary morning. Then I listened to the lyrics and loved it even more. Anything about loving your body whatever it looks like is mighty fine by me.

5. Budapest- George Ezra

I seriously thought this guy was about 40 when I first listened to him, but it turns out he’s about 21 and just has a weird deep world weary voice. We like him.

6. Earthquake Driver- Counting Crows

Turns out their new album is rather good and here’s a cheery number from it. That’s about all there is to say about that.

7. Gimme Something Good- Ryan Adams

He’ll never ever do anything as good as his first album but this new one is a whole lot better than some of the stuff he’s produced recently. Springsteen overtones a go go

8. From this Valley- Civil Wars

A band I discovered and loved this year. This is one of their more cheerier numbers and I love it’s longing to get out into the hills vibe.

9.Blame it on me- George Ezra

Overplayed on Radio 2 but that meant it was in my head for months, definitely part of the soundtrack of the year.   

10.New York City’s Killing me- Ray LaMontagne

Not new for the year but new to me, from a great album, bought for me along with the Johnny Cash album by Binface as she knows my love of gravelly male voices (and you know, reads my wishlist…)

11. I’ve got this friend- Civil Wars.

More heartbreaking beauty

12. My Favourite Faded Fantasy- Damien Rice

Such is my sad little life that I haven’t been able to sit and wallow in this lovely new album from the genius man himself. So here’s the first track, purely because I’ve been able to listen to it and I like it.

13. Clara – Martyn Joseph

A beautiful song about the healing power of songs and a whole lot more. Seems kind of appropriate. (oh and listen to the video to find out more about the story…)

14. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind- The Divine Comedy

And here we get into the childrens section. I’ve sung this countless times this year to son1 to get him to sleep, recently thanks to his ridiculous sleep regression we’ve had to get it out again and now most nights a little voice calls out, sing kindaman (his name for it). Still, there are worse songs to have to sing constantly, over and over again.

15. Let Mercy Lead- Rich Mullins

We had another son this year and this song is a brilliant prayer for both of our beautiful boys. “Let mercy lead, let love be the strength in your legs, and in every footprint that you leave, there’ll be a drop of grace.”

16. We wanna be like Jesus- Nick and Becky Drake

This is a song from ‘Grandma Deb’s CD’, bought for the boy from the lovely Deb Cantrell, it’s one of the only songs I’ve ever heard to have real situations where you might need to put into practice the need to pray- such as when you’ve been told to wash up and you don’t want to, when you don’t want to listen at school and when rubbish things are happening to you. ‘Now is the time to pray, help me be like Jesus’… Adults could do with a worship song like this, and it’s very very helpful to have as a constant refrain in your head when dealing with irritating sleep deprived toddlers having meltdowns and all you want to do is throw them in the bin… ‘Now is the time to pray’, very appropriate…

17. All Through History- Nick and Becky Drake

Son1’s favourite from the above CD (forgive the ultra cheesy action video- it was the only one I could find!)

18. Soar Like Eagles- Seeds Family Worship.

Once more Seeds Family Worship means we can’t read certain bits of the Bible without singing them, and when we read them with other people who also love Seeds songs we giggle and everyone else with us thinks we are mad. This one speaks into the exhaustion of life right now

19. Beep Beep Honk Honk. – Music for Aardvarks.

Once more Aardvark music has taken over the CD player in the car, we all love this one about New York city life. 

20. Big Brother- Music for Aardvarks

Reflects son1 and son2’s world kind of accurately right now. “Little bitty baby, all wrinkled and new, not much little bitty baby can do, but that’s ok, I’m gonna show you how, cos I’m your big brother now…”

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