‘That can wait…’


There are few things as wonderful and as soul destroying as trying to get a tiny person to sleep. Wonderful because when their eyes roll back and they finally surrender you feel like a wonder worker. Soul destroying because it takes so long sometimes, there are usually a million other things that your brain is telling you to get on with and it usually involves some physical effort, in the early days at least. My new sling aerobics DVD is coming out soon.

Thursday mornings are good in this house. I only have one child to focus on which is wonderful. However. I’ve got a bit too used to Thursday mornings from pregnancy, when I would sleep, catch up on cleaning, enjoy a book and a cuppa. Last week the boy slept in the swing and so I got a similar morning. Today? Not so much.

All this leads me nicely to the unveiling of my new mantra. ‘That can wait’. It’s short, snappy and coming to a t-shirt near you.

I want my house to be vaguely tidy, I want washing done and meals cooked but there is so much that can wait in a day for another time or another moment. For a completer finisher like myself this is a slight version of torture. But wait I must. Others needs are more important than my desire for jobs to get done in order and completed fully.

Yesterday we all had a melt down because I refused to wait for things to be done. I tried again and again to put the baby down, to no avail. I got more and more stressed and very angry, I shouted at the toddler, I resented the baby, I ate too many chocolate biscuits and I may have kicked a door in frustration.

I need to learn to wait. To discover that sometimes ordering all the chaos can wait. To see my boys needs before the needs of the house. To be patient. I need to learn to wait.

And in that spirit I shall now ignore all jobs, curl up in bed with a sleeping boy (if he’ll let me) and watch some west wing. If you see me attempting to put that mug in the dishwasher tell me it can wait…

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1 Response to ‘That can wait…’

  1. Adele says:

    I love your openness. And I need that T-shirt! I get so impatient and just want to have it all now! I have to keep reminding myself that they are only little for a teeny while. There’s another great saying: “The days are long but the years are short.” Hang in there.

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