Summer round up

IMG_3380So, the husbandface is currently in the throws of starting a new blog about being a Dad to two boys. This has spurred me into remembering that I too have a blog and quite like this writing thing. So maybe it’s time for one or two of those summer round up posts before we plunge into new sparkly September land. 

The end of August always reminds me that it really isn’t the middle month of the year.  It’s 7.30pm and already I’ve turned on the lights in our living room, darkness is just around the corner and the air has just a hint of something cold in it.  September always nicely confuses things by giving Indian summers but this brief colder spell reminds me that the year is on the turn. 

Things are a changing and as we are on the edge of epic change once more it’s good to have that reflected in the turning of the earth. 

We’ve had a good summer.

I remain very thankful to the husbandface for being a teacher and having lots of holiday with which to send me to bed each day and entertain the smallest member of our team (not sure mcsquirmy counts yet…). My body has given in to aches and pains and I want this to be over soon. I am bored of the pain of pregnancy and groan for the day when it will be over. (Talk to me in a few weeks time to see how that’s working out…)

Friends and family have come and gone. We survived that mysterious thing called ‘camp’, which involves hanging out in a posh boarding school with teenagers watching God get up to stuff in their lives.  We attempted some actual camping and realised my body can’t cope with it anymore. This last weekend I enjoyed camping in the day and returning to my bed at night, much the best way right now. We enjoyed a day without the small one to potter around Guildford whilst Nana and Gaga had fun with him and we’ve enjoyed some fun times out as a family in Brighton and Sussex. It’s been good if slow and steady. 

Our small one has changed massively over these last 6 weeks. He is full on into imaginative play, loving making us cups of tea with his teapot and making sure Charley Bear’s nappy is regularly changed. He’s also into the stage of knowing what he wants but not being able to deal with the emotions of not being able to have it all the time. (The rest of us have just got better at hiding those emotions I reckon). Our days are a mix of delight, tears, deep breaths from us parents and the need for endless patience. Naaa and a shake of the head with a cheeky grin meets many of our requests. 

He is aware the times are changing too. He hugs me tight, kisses the bump and asks after baby. He knows the cot is where baby will sleep but I’m not sure where he imagines this baby is or knows the storm about to come into his life. He knows mummy is fragile right now and tenderly strokes me when I burst into tears. Something is impinging on his world but he doesn’t really get what.  

We are slowly preparing for the change, we have nappies and a cot set up. Small sleepsuits sit in draws waiting to be used. We have a while to wait but mentally we are getting our brains wrapped around the arrival of the second grenade to hit our world. 

The summer holidays are over. Routine is about to hit once again and then who knows what life will be like come the end of the month. I am glad that we set sail into the term knowing we are not alone, knowing that there is One who holds us through whatever is to come and has held us thus far. I am glad we can cry out to him for help and know that we have a sure foundation for our times. I’m praying we can hold onto these verses from Isaah 33 in the coming months. 

The Lord is exalted, for he dwells on high;
    he will fill Zion with his justice and righteousness.
He will be the sure foundation for your times,
    a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
    the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.

The nights are drawing in. Summer is slowly drawing to an end. The light fades and we wait, embracing life within that waiting. Bring it on.  

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