Dear Daddy

E and KIt’s that time of year when the small son has a few things to say to us all. Bear with him, he’s only little.

Dear Daddy.

Lots has changed in a year, but I wanted to say thank you again for being my Daddy. Thank you for being funny and for coming home each day on your bike. I love bikes. I love riding your bike with you.

Thank you for making me smile and laugh. Thank you for teaching me things and loving me even when I throw my food all over the floor or hit you in the face. Thank you for being patient with me. I’m still figuring out this weird world you brought me into.

Thank you for helping me feel safe as I fall asleep, for singing to me and for not throwing me in the bin when I poke at your eyes. Eyes. I love saying that. Eyes. Let’s say it louder, EYES. Mmm that’s so satisfying. I love saying things now, Mymmy, daddie, gaga, na na, ball, shoes, sock, knee, foot, dog, nail (Mummy says the word is snail and only applies to actual snails and not all tiny crawling things. But what does she know?). Words are lots of fun.

Thank you for looking after Mummy, I think something is going on with her, she’s really tired and grumpy lots of the time and her belly seems to be getting very big. You might want to look into that. She says there is a baby in there but I think it might be all the cake she eats when you are at work.

Thank you for going to work so we can eat and have a roof over our heads. Me and Mummy really appreciate you lots and lots and lots.  I love you lots and ask where you are most of the day. I can’t believe you have to work so much. It must be very tiring. I think playing with my ball with me would be much more fun. Ball. Mmm, another satisfying word. Ball. I love my ball.

Oh and thank you for our car. Our car is the best of all cars. It goes brummmmm brummmm. I love trying to drive it. When will you let me?

Love you Daddy. Thanks for being the bestest Daddy there is in the world.


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1 Response to Dear Daddy

  1. Adele says:

    Kath, this made me well up. He’s such a cuts little boy and he’s growing up so fast! (And lol at the cake bit!) Your husbandface is a great father and generally rare find of a man.

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