Holiday roundup

IMG_2882It’s the first day of a new term and for the first time in a week or so the boy is down for his regular lunchtime nap. Despite a restless night from all (mainly consisting of the boy coming into our bed, giving me kisses and gibbering into my face whilst I tried to sleep) I’m feeling that fresh spring feeling. All over town the blossom is out, lush green has sprouted all around and there is that wonderful turning of the page feeling about today. My melancholic spirit is just about to point out that I shall probably feel bad tomorrow but I shall squash that voice and enjoy this moment. 

We had a lovely time away on holiday, despite the husbandface struggling with grim back pain. Hanging out with two other families from our church helped to entertain the boy and us.  The boy has come back home a proper full on toddler with new challenges for us of how to enforce boundaries and help him understand how to stop doing dangerous things.

We went to Word Alive whilst away (Christian conference with lots of lovely teaching on how brilliant Jesus is) and came away with a whole new deeper sense of how good it is to be part of God’s family, loved and known by him. I’m such a ridiculous glass half empty person that I forget all the benefits of being eternally loved and cherished by the Maker of the world. Silly really. I love being in his family. I need to write that somewhere large so I remember. It was also great to hang out with friends who are on this looking after small people journey, sharing the joys and struggles together. 

On the uber long stretches of driving we’ve been listening to Tony Blair’s autobiography, which is probably worth a blog post in itself. It’s fairly fascinating to remember the wide expanse of time he was Prime Minister for and to recall the ups and downs of his regime. He’s so defined now as a figure of hate because of Iraq that it was helpful to remember some of the good stuff he and the Labour party did when in power. Anyways, an interesting read whatever your politics. 

And that’s about it for life down here in Brighton. We’ve been away, we’re back and life potters on infused with meaning and purpose in the ups and downs because the one who made us is alive, has risen and will come again.

Phew, on with the living then…

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1 Response to Holiday roundup

  1. Juliet says:

    I’m so used to reading posts by Americans it was a shock when you mentioned listening to Tony Blair’s autobiography! It’s good to hear from other English bloggers of faith. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday!

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