The one with the Anniversary

When husbandface and I got married we started this tradition of writing epically long cards to each other on special occasions, birthdays and our anniversary (we did do Christmas as well but as it’s 5 days after our anniversary there really wasn’t much more we could say other than, um, read the card I gave you 5 days ago…). Anyway, I also appear to have started a similar tradition of writing a blog post for him on our anniversary. (oh wait, I’ve just checked, I’ve done it for 2 years, we’ve been married for 4 so I think I could get away with not doing this, but also it was 2 years in row which kind of feels like a start to a tradition, oh well here we go…)

us4 years ago we did this:
(got to find a use for these wedding photos eh)

And now we look like this:us2



We have had a strangely quiet year for us. No major storms to weather, no life changing shifts happening left right and centre and no cataclysmic events to rock our little boat out here on the sea. We sailed on with our newcomer to the team who doesn’t really contribute much to the work involved in keeping afloat and in the right direction. In fact he really adds some difficulty into the whole endeavor, being small, fairly demanding and not terribly self sufficient.

Where was I? Ah yes we’ve made it through another year. It hasn’t been easy (when has it ever?) but we are still out here and, lets face it, still enjoying life together. Despite our life looking very different from the us who started out on this journey I still love waking up with my best friend, I love the body that wraps around me after night feeds and sings me back to sleep. I love the man who patiently loves me and our boy, who forgives me time and time again. I love that he can tickle away my grumps. I love that he makes me laugh more than anyone else. I love this man who is the best Dad I know, who works hard to keep us fed and warm, who loves us well because he knows the one who loves us best. I love that I get to spend my life with my best friend and I love being with him on this adventure called life. I love that we parent as a team and I love his enthusiasm for life and all it holds. He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but he’s perfect for me, as this John Cale song kind of says.

And there you go, meet you back here in a years time for more mush and some more tales of how God has held us together as we journey on. Grab that glass and raise it to the lovely Husbandface.

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