A lesson I need to learn again and again…

gazeOne thing matters. One thing I need to get straight in the day. One thing that slots everything else in its place. One thing which means everything else starts to make sense.

One thing.

Gaze on the beauty of The Lord

Other things attract my gaze, other things drive me to despair, other things make me compete and compare. Other things rock my little boat on this sea. Other things leave me sinking.

Gaze on the beauty of The Lord.

Then the adoration of others dims, the need to compare to position myself in this world grows faint, the worries about whether I am fulfilling my potential drift away, the fears about being left behind get blurry.

Gaze on the beauty of The Lord.

His beauty is everywhere, in the giggle of my silly son, in the big clouds, in music that soothes my soul, in friends and family, in the words he has written of his story of never failing love for stupid people like you and me.

Gaze on the beauty of The Lord.

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