The holidays are over…


The very pretty Mourne Mountains

It’s Monday morning, the first day of life beyond the holidays. The boy is sleeping and I’m sitting here trying to collect my thoughts.  I can barely believe it’s been a year since I left the world of paid employment to await the arrival of our son. It’s been a crazy year.

Being married to a teacher means September retains the shinny newness I remember from school days. I’ve yet to buy new stationary but today feels like a new start and for that I am grateful, however long that feeling lasts. We’ve had a lovely time over the last 6 weeks catching up with friends, helping out on a kids camp, visiting family, enjoying the world of Northern Ireland once again and generally delighting in life together as a family. I think I feel almost human again after 6 weeks of the excellent husbandface sharing the daytime entertainment of sonface. Sleep has been a little bit more forthcoming and the park opening down the road has meant there is excellent opportunity for fresh air at the awkward grumpy times of the day.

Up at dawn on holiday

Up at dawn on holiday

This term ahead will bring new challenges, friends are returning to work, there will be new groups to take part in. I want to not just fill all our available time with stuff but have more time to get creative at home with the boy now he and I can cope with a few more things. I want to write and take advantage of friends who offer to take the boy for a few hours. I’m starting a course in Spiritual Direction one day a month and I’m hoping to make the most of spare time to write and think. Right now that feels like it might be possible. I really have no idea how things will work out but I hope and that is a good place to start.

I was thinking I would write a whole list of recommendations from our holiday reading, watching, listening etc but then I remembered that we have a 10 month old. We did manage to do some non baby related things though.

familytimesBest music of the summer: We enjoyed catching up with all we’d missed since sonface was born and loved listening to Tom Odell and Jake Bugg lots on road trips. Sonface loves Seeds Family Worship, which also ensures you’ve got random bible verses on loop in your head throughout the day.

Films of the summer:  Hmmm, we have yet to revisit that thing called the cinema, so we are slightly lacking in inspiration, but we did reinstall our lovefilm membership which helps with the film watching. We saw Broken (very intense), Side Effects (very disturbing and intense), Away We Go, (not intense in the slightest but lovely), Les Miserables (surprised at how much I’d missed watching it at the Big Scream earlier in the year), Skyfall (see previous comment), Flight (very good character study) and The Odd Life of Timothy Green (possibly the worst film I’ve seen in a long time…). Most of those were even watched without pressing the pause button.

Books of the summer: Ah I wish I could say that I’ve read many books but they seem to be the one thing that I haven’t got round to doing this summer. Even the lovely kindle hasn’t upped my reading much. I have started The Child that Books Built by Francis Spufford which I hope to finish one day as it’s very promising. That’s it for books, this makes me sad.

We ate a lot of cake over the summer and I can highly recommend bounty millionaires shortbread as had at the Giants Causeway cafe. The best place to go was the park just opened up down the road full of water fountains, swings, seagulls and so many people for sonface to stare in wonder at.

I think that’s about it. The sunshine streaming through the windows today tells me that summer might not be quite over yet but today feels like a shiny new start and for now I shall bask in that and try and not think about the rest of the term ahead.

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  1. Circus Queen says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Seeds Family Worship! That’ll be added to our listening now. I cracked up at Do Not Be Anxious. Something about the phrasing is hilarious.

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