Ah Saturday…

Broad beansToday has been one of those mellow days of banana pancakes for breakfast, gentle pottering in town, enjoying the sunshine, embracing the cool of our flat and taking life a bit slower than normal. I love Saturdays. Not least because I find that I’ve come to the end of the day without an aching back due to the excellent husbandface being around to enjoy the smallest one of our team.


This afternoon I gloried in using up the rest of the vegetables in our veg box to make beetroot humous and a broad bean dip. It’s a rather obvious point to make but as I did so I delighted hugely in the creativity of our God. I’m glad he made brilliant bright purple vegetables and that he made small duvet lined pods for broad beans to grow in. I’m glad we don’t have one colour of food or one taste to satisfy us. The awesome variety on offer when it comes to food causes me to wonder at a God who could come up with such things.

In the midst of a life that feels like it’s hurtling along, as we lurch from one day to the next in a sleep deprived haze, it was good to have a day of little planned, of no great adventures, no grand moments but some simple enjoyment of creation and the quiet peace of working in the kitchen for an hour or so.


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