Every Tuesday morning I head to the appropriately named ‘Tuesday Group’ at a local church.  Aside from being brilliant because there is a creche I can leave the boy in for an hour or so it’s also great to chat to a whole bunch of women at different stages in life. It’s one spot in the week where I can have some uninterrupted conversation.

This week we shared stories together of the difference Jesus makes to our identity. I read some posts from here, ones grappling with the changing in identity being a mother has brought.

Because I need to write
A new metaphor for life right now
Realising the obvious
On vulnerability 

I think it was the first time I’ve done any kind of public speaking since having our boy and it felt good to be back, good to tell of God’s work, good to be honest and vulnerable, good to publicly own this new world I find myself in.

I also loved hearing other stories of God’s work in the lives of the women there, tales of battles fought to love God more than his gifts, tales of the struggle not to return to the past, tales of a God who never leaves our side and tales of a God who actively pursues us and brings us into his family.

Read Heloise’s story from this morning here. 

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