Thoughts from Word Alive…

Nwa 2013Life at Word Alive is very different these days, especially when you can remember coming to a conference on and off for 20 years – things are bound to change over the decades.

I’ve come as a snotty moody teenager, a student, student team member, coming from the working life, back on the student team helping shape the student tracks, normal punter and this year was my first as a parent.

Its easy to grow cynical at the whole weird strangeness of a whole bunch of Christians being in one place for a week and believe me I’ve been there lots over the years.  Lately though its come to feel a bit like a hearty healthy meal. We stayed off site which helped us not get overloaded with all the things we could do. We had a tiny human to look after which again limited choices but the stuff we went to feels like it has been good for our souls.

This year there wasn’t a whole load of new information to be absorbed, there weren’t really any lightbulb moments or revelations of the next area of life to be cleaned up as in the past when I’ve come here.  What we heard has felt like a nourishing meal. The old old story has been doing it’s work again.

It was wonderful to sit in a talk without a squirmy thing on mine or husbandface’s laps. It was good to hear of a cup, a cross and a God who takes my sin away and enables me to be in his family. It was good to remember again who I am and what we are doing in this world. It was good to have our boy looked after for an hour and a half whilst we did that.

It was good to see others on the journey here and it was good to be in a place where there are many people who believe in this stuff. As someone who is easily swayed by the majority it’s good to remember our minority isn’t as small as I think sometimes. It was good to know God is wonderful and works in many places in many ways.

I think we’ve returned with more hope, refreshed by some space away from the boy each day and we plunge back into life in Brighton aware that there is a God who is at work in this world, who loves us and won’t let go of us. Phew.

(My brain is clearly malfunctioning, husbandface is sitting next to me as I edit this scrappy piece of writing, proffering ‘helpful’ suggestions as to how my writing could be improved. Sigh. One day I’ll find my mojo again… One day. In the meantime apparently I could make better use of the comma. Pah.)

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1 Response to Thoughts from Word Alive…

  1. Fiona says:

    It sounds great – so glad you had a good time, and delighted to see that you don’t call it “New Word Alive” (like “New Labour”, the name irritates me). Wonderful that you’ve been refreshed 🙂 x

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