Life at The Big Scream…


Duke of Yorks Cinema

Life has improved a little since my last post. I watched a documentary about someone with 16 kids and life with sonface suddenly seemed a whole lot more manageable, I went to a group where other Mum’s were proper honest about how hard it is and I think people did some praying. I need to just start writing again so here’s the first attempt. Bear with me in this time as I try to rediscover my writing mojo from somewhere under a pile of nappies.

Wednesday morning has been film morning for the last few weeks. Going to the cinema whilst swaying a screaming baby isn’t always the most relaxing way to watch a film but does at least give me something to do on a Wednesday that doesn’t involve another repeat of the wheels on the bus. (seriously please will someone write new catchy children’s songs to get imbedded a nations subconscious) Our beautiful independent cinema down the road puts on ‘The Big Scream’ every week. I most enjoy seeing people who’ve booked tickets for the film without realising stare in horror at all the small screaming babies entering the cinema with them (and the lovely staff explaining that yes the website does say it’s for parents and babies only and they wouldn’t enjoy the film like this really..).

So far the choice of films hasn’t been too bad. We finally got to see Skyfall a few months late. Loved the lack of an evil genius wanting to take over the world plot and the massive explosive ending. Lots of fun and surprisingly attention grabbing with a small person thrown into the mix. Sonface decided Quartet wasn’t for him the following week, maybe the gentle thrum of a Maggie Smith old age drama wasn’t quite for him as he chose to cry all the way through. Thus I’m not really sure what it was about. Some opera musicians in a retirement home. Do they really have specific retirement homes for old musicians? Is this a thing I’m unaware of? Someone enlighten me please.

Last week I wasn’t sure the 2 and a half hours of Les Miserables would be a film worth enduring. I headed over anyway (along with most of Brighton’s children under 1, clearly the popular choice) and was blown away, even through the screaming babies I was moved, delighted and overwhelmed again by the affect of mercy on a life. Sonface decided to cooperate and slept through 2 hours of it (yey) whilst my head whirled with sermon illustrations and wonder at the big fat impact of grace on a life.

This week we were back to obscure films and about 10 people to share it with, a true to life tale of some Aboriginal singers, The Sapphires, heading over to sing for the troops in Vietnam. A fairly average story but made fun by the amount of 60s soul music on offer, which made me happy dancing at the back trying to soothe the sonface.

I’m still not sure it’s a great idea as 2 out of the 4 times have involved a small overtired sonface having a bit of a meltdown but it’s pretty cool to actually get out and have something else to talk about rather than sleeping patterns which seems to be my default conversation topic at the moment.

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1 Response to Life at The Big Scream…

  1. Janice says:

    I think that sounds amazing. I mean, babies are going to cry anyway, why not go do something awesome while they do where NO ONE will care?

    Helps retain your sanity? Check!
    Let’s you visually see that every other mom is stuck in the same weird I-have-an-infant purgatory between absolute adoration of the child and mind-numbing exhaustion? Check!
    Got to see Les Mis? Check!

    Clearly an amazing thing your getting to do. I wish they had that when I had my first!

    And a lovely reminder that something can be so wonderfully good even if it doesn’t go perfectly peacefully.

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