Diary roundup.

Camp* is over, we’re bravely fighting off colds and other sicknesses (for bravely read pathetically) and it really is time to be back on the blog. ‘Camp’ was it’s usual mix of joy working in one place with one set of people for a week, hardcore washing up, delighting in seeing God’s work in the lives of the members and leaders and general fun.  Being pregnant meant it was a bit more of a challenge and I was sent to bed to sleep several times when my ability to interact with others was at an all time low (that’s a nice way of saying when I got too grumpy).  Highlights of said camp included: singing the whole of Joseph whilst washing up, hanging out with lovely Bereans**, late night desert and discussion, Corrine discovering the collective noun for Bereans – a breeze of Bereans, indoor swimming pool action, getting to tell lots of 11-14 yr olds they belong to God, hanging out with various random people from all over the spectrum of my life, being Team Cunningham with husbandface – working together was a rare treat and the constant overuse of Olympic illustrations to describe this Christian life thing.

All in all it was a week where I got to do what I love and am good at. I’d forgotten quite what that feels like, like writing with your dominant hand after being forced to write with your other one for 6 months, like swimming with the current instead of against it, like sailing with the wind, like freewheeling down a massive hill you’ve just climbed, like doing what you know you were made to do all along.  I’m very grateful that such a week exists in life right now.

Because we are slightly insane, and because our unpaid very helpful labourer (hi Dad) is free this week we have decided to tear apart our bathroom and make it pretty. Right now it’s in that stage where you think… Was it so bad in the first place? Chaos rules in the house, dust is everywhere but I trust it’s going to be ok in the end. Like much progress in life it doesn’t really look like progress at the time – it’s messy and revealing of the cracks under the surface, for real change to happen more than the outer layer needs to come off. I find it slightly worrying that the only way I’m able to deal with a crazy messy house is to find a sermon illustration out of it but, hey, that’s the way my brain works.  I look at the mess and know that my life too sometimes needs to get this messed up for the carpenter to work his wonder in my heart. I need to wait patiently for the final results, to know that there is more to come and to not fret about the seeming lack of progress.  We are all unfinished works of art and although that doesn’t help my desire for a tidy clean house it does help me chill out a bit and learn some patience.

*’Camp’ – there are no tents, we were in a posh boarding school all week. It seems more fun than saying – posh boarding school venture all the time.

**Berean – name for assistant leaders on camp, general slaves who wash dishes, help with games and study the Bible diligently each day – like the people from Berea in Acts… Too obscure? Nevermind.

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2 Responses to Diary roundup.

  1. Circus Queen says:

    Bereans – that is so gospel geeky! But then this is a Christian blog so that is definitely allowed! How’s the bathroom looking now?

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