Joshua 23

Inspired by Joshua 23 which I spoke on this morning in church. I love our God who won’t be tamed or put into boxes. I love that we belong to him. I love that he wants us to hold fast to him through this life.

Joshua 23
Complete. At rest.

Land as far as the eye can see.
Looking to the future.

Our leader stoops low, last breath on his lips.
How will we walk on?
What next? What now?

Come with me,
Take a look, see what He’s done for you,
See how he’s woven his story into the depths of your life.

Look deep.
Remember the hands forming you, holding you, taking you from the pit and placing them on a rock.

Remember the darkness becoming light and life around you
Hold fast.

Turn from the shiny trinkets glinting in the sun,
Turn from the unbelief and fear.
Remember what he has done.

He is here, he is at work
Hold fast.
He has never left your side, never turned away
Hold fast.

As the anchor to the shore
As the limpet to the rock
As the child to her fathers hand
As the stubborn to their point of view
As the drowning to the rope
As the lover to the loved

Hold fast.

Hold fast,

Walk into the future with him.

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