Dear Diary… It’s been a while…

We’ve been back from holiday for a week now and it really is high time I started this thing called writing again. As ever, to get back into the world of blogging, I feel like I have to write a post filling in the gaps. So it’s another dear diary post for me today.

We spent the Easter Holidays in Chicago enjoying the hospitality of our American family (it’s a long story but they pretty much adopted husbandface as an honorary son back when he was small and by default I got invited into the family when we got married). We had wonderful times hanging out with them, wandering around pretty places, eating amazing food and generally soaking up the joys of big city living in America. As ever it was fascinating noticing the differences in our cultures, in expressions of faith and the way we live our lives. It’s always tempting to think we are pretty similar but there are so many different ways we approach this thing called life.

This time I was struck once again by the continuing existence of the American Dream, despite all the battering of recession and hard times there is still a sense that you can achieve what you want to with your life, that hard work will pay off, that hope is a reality to infect today, that no-one is going to give you stuff for free so being an entrepreneur will pay off. It’s a good thing to try hard.

I’m sure it’s not like that for everyone but there does seem to be a bit more optimism around over the other side of the pond. Over here I think we’re tired and cynical. It’s easy to give up learning, growing or trying. We still feel the shame of the nerdy kid at school who knew all the answers and think that effort, learning and growth aren’t things to champion, it’s almost a bit too geeky to care about your job that you want to develop in it. If we are like that the best way is to play it cool. Husbandface is doing a masters at the moment and the general consensus of his colleagues is scorn, wondering why he would give up his Saturdays to think about teaching.

I know we’re into giant stereotyping world here but I sense this pull toward apathy and cynicism in my life, towards a fear of trying for what I might look like if I fail and a scorn for those more optimistic in this life. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m also sure that there are people over here who still have hope and who are up for making the most of this life, whose brains haven’t been dulled to death by spending all free time in front of the TV. It’s just that they seem harder to find.

Anyways, enough of pontificating with no real basis for my conclusions. What do you reckon? Have we lost the plot over here? Is there any hope left?

Whilst you have a think about that, here are some pretty sights we saw out there.

The view from the apartment, Chicago by night.

Don’t look down… At the top of the Willis Seers Tower on the skydeck with Meredith.

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1 Response to Dear Diary… It’s been a while…

  1. Fiona says:

    – My feet hurt looking at that sky deck pic. Urrghh…

    – Hope they had good blackout blinds.

    Yes, we have much to learn from our Yank friends’ optimism and earnest barefaced interest in stuff generally. I enjoy a little cynicism as much as anyone else, and it’s important to be critical etc but I’m frankly fed up of our cynical culture and would gladly move across the pond to be the biggest geek!

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