On remembering…

Is it possible to write a post about how I feel there is nothing to write about? This blog is meant to be a space for my creative reflections on life. I’m trying to think if I’ve had any for the last few weeks? Hmm. Most of my days have been spent trying to survive, trying to walk through each day and get to the end of it. Life has been very much about the moment recently and my head has had little space to be reflective or thoughtful about that. Which might be sending me a bit crazy. I want to free up my brain from it’s current occupation and set it free to think about the wider issues of life. It’s just that the immediate seems to take up the most space in my brain and living hour to hour, moment to moment is about all I can manage.

Some might say that’s a good thing, it’s after all in the present that we experience God, it’s in the present that he is alive and active and we can become aware of him. But I long for my brain to make the space for recognising that right now.  I long not to be all consumed by the immediate problems and issues of this present reality. I’m all for living in the moment if in that moment we have the space to remember who else is in the moment, that there is a another voice who speaks perspective and reality into the moment.

Remembering is active, left to my own devices I forget, I get caught up in my issues, my struggles, the only thing that is on my mind right now. Remembering forces me to place those things to one side for a moment so they can be picked up and looked at with fresh eyes. Remembering enables perspective to be restored. God really likes the whole remembering thing, he constantly puts reminders in the Israelites faces, stones are placed in significant places, special garments are worn and festivals are celebrated. Most of all, this side of the cross, we have a meal to remind us of the ultimate reality, that we are tied to this earth by bread and wine, by a body broken and poured out, by events that change everything.

I long to breathe in the habit of remembering. To not let the all consumingness of today rush me to the end of the day without having stopped at the feet of the one who knows about the stuff that runs around in my mind and who longs to shape it into not more consuming stuff but to give perspective on it, hope in the midst of it and a way to walk through it that enables me to keep on loving him and the people around me. How is this possible? Is this possible?

What helps you remember? What can help me remember?

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5 Responses to On remembering…

  1. Tanya_Marlow says:

    Wise words, as ever. I know this is gonna be ironic, but I like your posts on how you think when you’re finding it hard to think. They’re thought-provoking 🙂

    Man, it is TIRING being in a state where all you can think about is getting through. It is tiring having to constantly re-assess your version of reality and fight with your brain to stop thinking about the wrong things.

    I think the one thing I’d say in response is that we’re not supposed to do all this remembering alone. Remembering tends to be (biblically) a communal activity. Maybe some kind people can so some remembering for you? Maybe you need some people to tell you back the story of the Bible AND the story of God’s work in your life (and what a precious story that one is- I look forward to reading the full version in heaven some day…)? Would that help you remember? I think that might help me 🙂

    Much, much love x

    • Kath says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Tanya 🙂 Much appreciated, and very much agree that remembering is a massive communal activity. So important that when we hang out with other people we talk about the massive story we are all part of and remind each other of God’s work in our lives. I’ve just read some of the first bit of Samuel where he sets up an ebenezzer, saying this far the Lord has helped us. Trying to work out what modern day Ebenezzers might look like.

  2. Chris B says:

    Christian music on CD is what helps me through when life is so tough I don’t have capacity to engage with the usual sources, even if I’m still going through the motions (bible reading, small group, etc). And I’ve heard the same from people with health issues. Somehow it gets into my subconscious – or reactiviates something – even if only for the duration of the listening time.
    Hope you get some helpful answers and that at least one of them works for you, Kath.

    • Kath says:

      There is something that gets under our skin when it comes to music eh. I find that a whole range of music has the capacity to stop me in my tracks, remind me of where I’ve come from and leads me to remember the One who made this world. Glad he invented something that gets around my usual defenses. Music seems to slip in under the wire much of the time!

  3. Mandy says:

    I have just started writing a poignant bible verse, or thought from it, that I want to reflect on (usually generated from church meetings) on some pretty bird post-its I like. I stick this on the right of my laptop keyboard so it catches me every now and then in the middle of my busy times. I find it helpful in that it’s a different one every few days. I love the initial juxtaposition of my 2 different thought patterns and the challenge of synchronizing them.

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