Psalm 114

Psalm 114

Life has been pretty hard around these parts recently, hope has been something to be fought for, clung to and I’ve had to remind myself not to despair or give in. That’s not an easy thing to do when you are just clenching your teeth grimly wish hoping that things will be ok. Thankfully that’s not the kind of hope I’ve been clinging to. Psalm 114 points us in a very simple way to the bigness of the God who defines Hope and whose character we Hope in.

It’s a simple enough story, the Psalmist is remembering back to the story of God rescuing his people from slavery, when they became his sanctuary. His holy place. When his home was with his people. The effect on creation is immediate, the sea parted and the Jordan river divided so God’s people could pass through and see that their God, the God who dwelt with them, really was the God of heavens and earth.

I guess there is a pretty obvious conclusion to draw from all this: God is a God who is real. He has an impact on the world around us. He’s not some mysterious force or a wishful thought. He is a God who has real, full time impact on this world. Why did the the Jordan River part? Because God told it to and because it trembled in the presence of it’s LORD.

God then led his people in the desert and provided for them in their wanderings, he turned rocks into pools of water. We have a God who can do crazy stuff in this world. Who can turn rocks into springs of water. Who can do melting stuff with the hardness of our hearts and lives.

The response to all this? Tremble at the presence of the Lord. Wake up and take notice of the kind of God who made this world. Tremble because he is still this powerful, he is not like us, he has not grown old and withered with time. He is active in this world.

We have hope today in this hurtful and broken world because we have a God who is like this. Who can do stuff with the crap of our lives, who can turn rocks into streams of living water and who can work in our hearts of stone. Keep skipping you mountains, keep leaping you hills. Your Creator is still young and at work in this world.

To Ponder:

How’s your view of God doing? Forgotten He’s real, thinking he’s out of touch with this world? What changes your mind in this Psalm?

Where do you need God to turn the hard rocks into spring pools and streams of living water?

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