Psalm 113

Back to the Psalms.

Right then. (I did write this back in September when it was a shiny new month and I was full of resolve and purpose. And then events took over and strangely it is October already.  Excuses aside. We’re back in the Psalms. Yey.)

Psalm 113 is where we find ourselves this week.

This is one of those Psalms that takes us from our tiny little where we are today life, grabs us by the hand and keeps on pulling us out and out and out to see the big picture. To see the story of what is really going on in this world. The curtain is pulled back, the tiny detail on a picture is seen in it’s place in full glory as the camera zooms back and we see what is really going on in this world.  We are taken out of our homes, our todays, our timezone and are flown high above the earth, out to space, up into distant galaxies to try and help our brains grasp just a little of how ridiculously big God is.

Here is a call to eternal praise of this God, not just once a month praise, not everytime you sing a worship song praise but all time praise, both now and forevermore, and it’s not just a call to a particular bunch of people to praise it’s a call across the world, over all of time and history to praise the LORD.  From the place where the sun rises, to where it sets, to let everyone know how brilliant God is.

Why? Um. Well, because he is. We praise the stuff we love, we praise the things we think are great, we praise excellence and more. Why do we praise God? Do we know what he is like? In case we’re short of ideas, we are told. He is exalted over the heavens and the nations. This is no God of one type of people, culture, race or time. This is the God who transcends all cultural boundaries, all people groups. This is the God of the world.

This is no distant, out of reach, out of touch, smiting kind of a God who we cannot relate to or know. This is a God, who stoops down, who comes and looks, who sees what goes on on his world. What does he do? He looks out for the poor, the needy and the barren. The ones in most need. Our world around us tells us we have to be strong, able to cope, able to deal with life and that we are weak and pathetic if we can’t.  I love that God is nothing like us, He looks on the poor and the needy and the barren. He restores them, he rescues them, he comes for them and seats them with princes, with happy homes. God is about restoring us, taking us from our poverty and enriching our lives.

The God of the whole of time and space stoops down to look upon us, knows the situation we face today and is willing to step in and help.  I think I’m starting to understand the huge call to praise this God at the beginning of the Psalm a little bit more now. The God of the Universe stoops down and notices my life. Crazy.

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