Weekend roundup

We had the delightful joy of heading over to my parents new house on Saturday. They’ve eschewed the town life of Guildford and have settled in the small village of Liphook, which I’m sure has nothing to do with Dad being a local hero now as his tunnel gives people back hours in their day that they would have spent staring at the Devil’s Punch Bowl in a traffic queue. Their actual reasons for heading down there are ones I find myself very proud of. They want to make the most of their retirement, to find ways of using their many and varied gifts in the local church and area, to use their uber lovely shiny newly worked on house for stuff that God really likes, hospitality, a place for quiet refreshment for weary people and more.

People from their old church mingled with people from their new church and we prayed for the house, giving it over to God, asking for his blessing on them, their marriage and all who walk through the doors. Already it feels like a place of peace, a refreshing space and I’m looking forward to spending more time soaking up that atmosphere in the years to come. I loved seeing my parents as more than parents, as people who God is at work in and through and I’m very excited about this next stage of their life together. This year they will have been married for 39 years, and they still hold hands as they walk down the street. They don’t have the perfect marriage and they aren’t perfect people but I’m honoured to have such an example to follow.

On Sunday we sat around in the pub with our church family. Slightly sagging under the weight of small children jumping on us we headed out to the street to collect conkers. Autumn feels like it’s come early this year and we ran around in the afternoon sun digging around in leaves for shiny conkers to collect. We filled up pockets, Daniel’s trousers fell down from the weight of them and we entered the timeless world of the immediate. Children are very good at enjoying the moment and with blue skies, green grass, brown leaves and squeals of delight at finding another conker we joined them in the endless now.

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  1. Phil says:

    Thanks Kath. A lovely moment to share. Get well soon!

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