In which I talk about… The Royal Wedding. Sorry.

I’m trying not to blog about this (fail) I’m trying not to show that I’m vaguely interested in this (fail) I’m trying to convince myself I can enjoy it in a post modern ironic way (think I’m failing on that score as well).  I’m not sure why, but I’m a little bit interested in the Royal Wedding. Maybe because they are my (just about) generation, maybe because it feels like we’ve grown up with William and Harry, maybe it’s some gene of my Nana’s infecting my body with love of the Royal Family, maybe I’m just nosey and am as obsessed with the weird celebrity culture as the next person. For what ever reason, I’m interested in the Wedding on Friday. Urgh. There, my confession is out, I hang my head in shame. I shall now try a neat little bit of twisting this into something profound to slightly justify myself.

I like William, but there is no basis for this, I’ve only seen the carefully crafted media image of William. I like that he seems himself and seems to want to show that he’s trying hard at this weird thing that he’s been born into. I want to believe that he really is as caring as he seems. I’d like to believe that he’s different from the rest of the family, I want to believe his marriage will last as the Queen’s has done. I want to believe in something good and lasting. Yes, I know, sickening at best isn’t it? I realise what I’m doing, I want a hero in this world. I want to see someone live a marriage that lasts, I want another Johnny and June, I want another Martin Sheen and his love for his wife over 50 years. I want some big fat dignity in the public eye and not more affairs suppressed by super injunctions. I want someone who doesn’t mess up in spectacular ways. I want a hero. I know William can’t be this, I know that he is a flawed human, I know that we know little about what ‘really’ goes on in his life. I know that we can only guess at best, but I want at least some public figure I can respect.

The problem is, the kind of hero I crave only develops as they walk through this life in all it’s mess and pain.  I want a hero right now, shiny and out of the packet, but I suspect that the heroes I love are that way because of how they’ve dealt with life, with how they’ve been broken and torn apart but have managed to keep on living and loving. I want redemption stories. I want people who’ve been touched by the Redeemer living well. Cash and Sheen have managed to live through the darkness of this world and come out of the other side, they’ve faced their demons and we respect their faith because their voices are authentic. A life lived well can only be measured at the end. Who knows what those footballers, who are at the moment being unfaithful, will turn out like, they aren’t beyond the Redeemer. Who knows whether William and Kate will last, they will still need the ultimate hero at work in their lives. Grace is a great leveller of humans and I think we need more stories of it in the public arena.

Did that work? How about, Um. Jesus is the ultimate Hero we’re all searching for? Does that work? Convinced yet or should I just get on with being nosey tomorrow instead of trying to self justify my interest? Is anyone else out there feeling like this?

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5 Responses to In which I talk about… The Royal Wedding. Sorry.

  1. Circus Queen says:

    Nope, just be nosy like the rest of us. x

  2. Tim Carlisle says:

    Well, from inside the palace it seems like the queen has faith, possibly saved but struggles and always has with ‘what is right for the country’ and ‘protocol’.
    Charles – is he a dead loss?

    William – can we have a ‘normal’ bloke, The Queen’s father of course never expected or wanted to be king but did his duty, they could be more themselves.

    He could be a great monarch, he could could be one of our greatest and most loved kings – or he could end up like his fathers public persona.

    He could be a King who serves his people, who loves his people and who leads his people.

    He could become saved, that should be a prayer for every Christian in this country.

    He could be ‘our JFK’

    but …

    he will never be King Jesus, a king who loves and serves, who is the hope for not just this nation but all nations, but who will never be greatly loved but rather will be persecuted despite who he is and what he has already done….

  3. Lilian says:

    I was feeling a bit like you, but I just watched the wedding and loved it! I was thinking about weddings being a leveller as well (not as theological as your point, sorry!) – whether you’re a prince or not, you’re wedding is basically the same, it’s just the trimmings that are different. I suppose that sort of relates to all people being equal in the sight of God – although this can possibly only be applied in the case of people who choose to have a ‘religious’ ceremony.

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